Lorraine & Tomas    -   La Antigua, Guatemala
San José el Viejo   -   6. 6. 2015

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Getting to San Jose el Viejo


The ruins of San Jose el Viejo are on Antigua's main Avenue. 


I am at home in Antigua, because it is a mini-Manhattan.


Avenues in Antigua run North-South, like in Manhattan

Streets run East-West, Like Manhattan.


Like there, the 5th Avenue is the best location, has the best shops and it runs past Central Park.


In Antigua the same:  the best shops and 5th Avenues passes Parque Central.


But in Antigua, it is better than Manhattan:  because we have the famous Arch and the church of La Merced. 
Near the southern end is Hotel Antigua on one side and, across from it, the ruins of San José el Viejo where we had our wedding.

Map of Antigua

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